About the area
About the area

Our center is located two hours south of Santiago, Veraguas in the Azuero Penninsula. We are right on the pacific ocean surrounding by rolling hills and mountains. our coordinates are: 7º27'44.69"N, 80º55'15.46"W.


Within walking distance of the center is an extensive network of mangroves and estuaries in which you can kayak or canoe.  There are also numerous water falls, miles of beach on which to swim and surf,  and four species of marine sea turtles that nest on our beaches.


We are in close proximity to Isla Coiba (Protected area and wildlife sanctuary), Isla Cebaco, National Park Cerro Hoya, and down the road from world renowned sport fishing.

Who we are

We are a Panamanian community environmental association called "Asociación Agropecuaria Eco-turística de Quebro" (AAPEQ) committed to protecting our local environment through direct environmental conservation such as marine sea turtle protection and re-forestation as well as environmental education and ecotourism.

Our environmental education center, mangrove tours/ boat rides, sea turtle conservation and guided hikes are aimed at educating our visitors about the local environment in the hopes that they will in turn value and protect their own natural habitat.

Our center was built using a United Nations Development Program grant for small community projects. Our center is a community project that is 100% owned by the people that are from and live in the community.

In our community we have always grown up beside sea turtles, mangroves, and forests. As time has progressed we have seen the slow degradation of our natural environment. This project is aimed at valorizing our ecosystem and protecting it via education and direct environmental conservation.

Contact info
Contact us at tortugas.aapeq@gmail.com
you can also call (507)6583-4474
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